FYI:  No one company in the Chattanooga market has been handling exhaust work longer with the same technicians under the same ownership than Maxi Auto Service.  That is experience!


Maxi Muffler to Maxi Auto Service


“Keeping up with the times”


30+ years of experience




Maxi Auto Service started out as Maxi Muffler over 30 years ago.  Back in the late 70’s and early 80’s all exhaust work was basically custom exhaust work.  Installing dual exhaust on pickups and/or cars with either “turbos” or “glass packs” was our specialty.  Every Maxi Auto Service center still has a muffler/exhaust specialist who has been with the company doing custom work for 20 years or more.  Custom exhaust work, especially with “Flowmaster” mufflers, is still a major part of our exhaust business. 


However, as vehicles have become more sophisticated and with the passing of emissions testing here in Chattanooga, most of our exhaust work is making sure you can pass the state inspection test.


All vehicles after 1995 come with On Board Diagnostics (OBD) which monitors the emissions coming from each vehicle.  The OBD monitors whether or not your catalytic converter, as well as other components related to your vehicle emissions are operating properly.  If they are not functioning properly, the “Check Engine” light in your vehicle will illuminate. You will have to have the needed repairs in order to get your vehicle’s “Check Engine” light off and get your vehicle registered.   


Maxi Auto Service technicians are not only custom exhaust specialists, but emissions specialists as well. In order to become an emissions specialist, a technician must attend numerous seminars and training sessions.  Over 80% of the Maxi Auto Service technicians carry ASE certification, with 35% of our technicians being ASE Master Technicians.  This training puts Maxi Auto Service in the best position to solve your emissions related problems.


So, if you are looking for exhaust work on your vehicle, whether it is a foreign or domestic vehicle, and your needs are regular exhaust, custom exhaust, or “Check Engine” light related, let the experienced and well trained experts at Maxi Auto Service solve your problem.  At Maxi Auto Service, we feel comfortable enough about our exhaust prices that we advertise that we will beat any competitive, written estimate by at least 20%.  


We have eight locations to serve you, and thank you, in advance, for placing your confidence in us.  We aim to please and sincerely appreciate your business.