TODAY’S FYI:  Over 80% of the Maxi Auto Service technicians are ASE CERTIFIED, with 35% certified as Master Technicians

Maxi Auto Service


Maxi Auto Service has been repairing brakes in the Chattanooga market for over 35 years.  We offer a complete brake inspection, free of charge.  That inspection consists of the following:

  1. If safe to do so, a test drive of the vehicle to get a feel for the brake pedal and stopping action, any pulsation, etc
  2. Visual inspection of dash lights to see whether or not the warning light and ABS light come on when the vehicle is turned on or off and then go off; and then make sure the lights stay off while the vehicle is driven
  3. Check master cylinder to see if the fluid level is low or needs to be changed.  The master cylinder check is done both visually and with chemical test strips that check for contamination.
  4. Following tire removal, the following inspection is performed on all four wheels :


  • Visual inspection of brake lines and hoses for leaks, corrosion, or damage
  • Check calipers and wheel cylinders for leaks, cracks or missing dust boots
  • Visual inspection and measurement of disc brake pads                                       (We pay close attention to the amount of wear and whether it is uneven between inner and outer pads.  We also check to see if there is any cracking on the pads or any separation from the braking plate.)
  • Visual inspection of brake shoes; checking the thickness and determining if there are any cracks or looseness present
  • Visual inspection and measurement of rotors and drums to determine whether or not they can be safely resurfaced or if they are below minimum specs and need to be discarded and replaced
  • Visual check of hardware to determine if there are any loose, discolored, or badly corroded parts

Upon completion of all of the above, Maxi Auto Service will provide a written estimate for all recommended services based on the inspection.  Our estimates identify those repairs that are required to ensure the vehicle can continue to stop safely and the services or repairs recommended by industry standards and our years of expertise in providing brake service.

Our estimates are calculated using Monroe or Wagner premium friction linings on the pads and shoes and a lifetime warranty on these friction linings.  The premium linings excel in areas of life (wear) and stopping distance. That would be our recommendation, but we do sell other reputable friction linings for our budget minded customers.   Considering that you, our customers are the only ones who know how you drive your car and how long you plan to keep your car, you  should be the one to decide the friction that you actually put on their vehicle brakes and choose accordingly.  The Maxi Auto Service technicians are all capable of assisting with that decision.   Feel free to ask any questions you may have.

Please consider us for all of your future brake needs.  We welcome and appreciate your confidence in us and we aim to please.  At Maxi Auto Service, we feel comfortable enough about our brake service price that we advertise that we will beat any competitive, written estimate by at least 20%.  Most of our brake work can be done while you wait; but if you prefer, you can drop your vehicle off or you can schedule an appointment at any of our eight locations.